Who We Are


Since 2010, our family owned and managed real estate development company has been committed to restoring and building exceptionally well-constructed homes that are both tastefully designed to meet modern needs and respectful of rich architectural history of the Boston-area neighborhoods in which we work.


What We Do


Renovate:  We purchase properties that are in distressed condition.  We seek homes that are in appealing neighborhoods and possess architectural styles that we believe should be preserved.  We usually strip the interiors of our houses down to the studs and then rebuild, using modern materials and building techniques.  Sometimes there is something in a condition to preserve.  From replacing the plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling systems to installing new windows and insulation, we transform old homes to new ones.  We repair and improve exteriors while remaining true to the architectural styles of the homes.


Consult:  We offer advice to people buying, renovating or building their homes.  We can help current and future homeowners find out what they wish they already knew.  Contact us below for a free one-hour consultation to find out if we could be a good fit!


Our Mission


We love where we live.  One of the things that makes the Boston area special is that it has many old neighborhoods.   Many of the homes that surround us have been standing for over one hundred years.  We want to save these homes so that they can maintain their beauty and solidly stand for the next one hundred years without requiring any significant work or renovation.


Why We Are Unique


When we purchase a home to rebuild, we see ourselves as stewards of the property, not as exploiters seeking profit beyond all other considerations.  We do not cut corners.  We are as proud of the work that lies behind the walls that nobody sees as much as we are of the details that one would see when walking through one of our homes or viewing it from the street. 

Our homes fit into their neighborhoods.  The changes we make to the exteriors look like they were always there.  And when one walks inside one finds thoughtfully redesigned interiors that are never boring and will not become dated and out of style.  Care and love in the design create freshness within an established feeling of place.



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